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Micardis Overview

Hypertension attacks? Fight it back with Micardis

There are diseases capable of changing the whole life of a man. Hypertension belongs to this group. It doesn’t just bring along aches and loss of energy; it changes the style of life a man got used to making it slower and hasteless. But modern society demands that every man should be quick to react to changes within it, hard-working, easy taught and energetic. Unfortunately, hypertension makes answering these demands almost impossible. Not to mention that it can result in strokes or heart failure.

It’s obvious: we are to treat hypertension if we want to continue living on the bright side of this life. But first we should understand how hypertension works and how it affects our body. When the body absorbs too much salt it causes fluid retention. From the other side blood vessels get narrower making normal blood flow impossible. Blood pressure raises bringing headaches as the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen, heart troubles as it doesn’t get enough blood to work properly…

Knowing how this scheme of hypertension works chemists created a medication which is capable to cope both with extra salt absorption and blood vessel narrowing due to its elements – hydrochlorothiazide and telmisartan. It’s called Micardis.

Necessary information for those who want to buy Micardis:

  • Alcohol is prohibited during the treatment course;
  • Micardis is taken along with a full glass of water;
  • If you’ve received first positive results don’t stop taking Micardis until the treatment course is over: the symptoms of hypertension may become unnoticeable but the disease may stay;
  • One of the components of this medication – hydrochlorothiazide – can affect medical tests results; so if you need to be checked tell your doctor you’re taking Micardis. There might be a necessity to stop your treatment for a short period of time.

For more detailed information consult your doctor.